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Our technicians perform expert onsite and offsite computer repairs and maintenance, virus and spyware removal, PC, laptop and notebook hardware upgrades, software installation, networking, modem setup and printer installations.

Computer running slowly?
Hard drive died? Viruses infecting your computer? Our prompt onsite service will have your computer back up and running in no time, meaning you can get back to being productive. Our desktop, laptop & notebook maintenance routines can help prevent future problems occurring due to system crashes, overheating and hardware failure so you can have total peace of mind. And if your computer is feeling a bit slow, or you’re running out of room for your precious documents and pictures on the hard drive, we can perform onsite computer hardware upgrades to keep your technology current and give you the power to run the latest software.

Need your home or office computers connected?
We can help you set up a secure wireless network so that everyone at home or in the office can stay connected everywhere. Are you new to computers? Don’t feel so confident getting around Windows yet? We can help with that too with onsite training to help you gain the skills you need to use your computer (or anyone elses for that matter!) with confidence.

Need data recovery from your crashed computer?
A backup plan is a must for anyone with important documents stored on their computer, whether an office desktop or a portable notebook or laptop – and that means you! Our comprehensive data backup plans will help keep you safe from a data disaster. If the worst has happened and those all-important documents or photos are seemingly lost inside a computer that won’t boot, we can recover your data and restore your precious files to you.

Frustrated by your computer?
Tired of waiting ages for your system to load Windows? Worried you may be infected with viruses or other malware? We can clean and optimise your computer and have it running like new again in no time. Don’t let that old desktop computer sit in the cupboard. Get a few more years from it with an affordable hardware upgrade and operating system re-install, all done onsite. Need the web everywhere in your home? We can have the whole family at home or entire staff at the office connected in no time with a wireless network configuration to suit you. And if you’re having problems with Windows not booting or your system crashing, our onsite computer repair service will get your system up and running smoothly again.

Our service list includes but is not limited to:

Windows Freeze Ups
Blue-screen Problems
System Crashes
Computer Problems
PC Repairs
Laptop Repairs
PC shutdowns
System Refusal to shut down
System installing updates endless loop
Annoying Pop-ups removal
Boot Failure
Office Applications
Installation and setup of printers, scanners, modems, PCs, laptops, Smart TVs
All Errors
Virus/Spyware/Adware/Malware/Browser Hijackers Removal
Data backup & restore
System Restore
Program Installations
Email Problems
Hardware Conflicts
Memory Problems
Software Conflicts
Internet Connectivity Issues
Small Wired/Wireless Networks
Network printer problems
LAN/WAN checks & troubleshooting
Firewall Configuration & updates
Upgrade laptops RAM
Upgrade desktop RAM
Upgrade all desktop computers
Upgrade graphic cards
General service and tune ups

Remote Support
TeamViewer Quick Support
We can connect remotely to your computer to resolve problems that would not need to be completed onsite.
Download TeamViewer QS